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EDANA & INDA launch the 2021 edition of nonwovens standard procedures

03 Aug '21
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EDANA and INDA, the leading global nonwovens associations, have jointly announced the launch of the 2021 edition of standard procedures for the nonwovens and related industries. These nonwovens standard procedures help technically define the nonwovens industry, with specifiers for the properties, composition, and specifications of its products.

Offering harmonised language for the industry across the USA and Europe, and recognised by many other individual markets, the procedures offer a way for the nonwovens industry to communicate both across the globe, and within the supply chain to ensure that product properties can be consistently described, produced, and tested. The harmonized methods contained in the Nonwovens Standard Procedures (NWSP) edition include 107 individual test procedures and guidance documents to support applications across the nonwovens and related industries, and are available on both EDANA’s and INDA’s websites, according to a press release by EDANA.

The 2021 edition includes updated or modified procedures with a numbering structure that makes the document intuitive to search and use. Additionally, each method also includes a page to summarise and track relevant changes made to the document. In an effort to make all methods more consistent, each one is now presented in a format building on the International Standards Organisation (ISO) template, facilitating any future possible submission to ISO in an effort to become a recognised international standard or technical specification.

As in previous editions, the table of contents for the NWSP document includes references to existing related ISO standards, which makes it easier for technicians to choose the most relevant procedure or methods to apply to their product.

“The NWSP document is designed to provide a standard series of test methods of the various properties desired in nonwovens and engineered fabrics. It is an indispensable resource for innovators and product developers to communicate with buying influences and ensure their products meet the exact specifications demanded by markets and customers. Additionally, laboratory personnel will benefit with enhanced accessibility to the most comprehensive body of nonwovens test methods available in the industry,” Dave Rousse, INDA president said in a statement.

“I am delighted with the complete revision and update to the NWSP. They undoubtedly constitute the best set of globally applicable test methods for the nonwovens and related industries. With this unique tool, together INDA and EDANA again provide our members and the larger nonwovens community with an enriched common language intended to facilitate their business, and ultimately, to help them develop solutions to best fit users’ requirements,” Pierre Wiertz, general manager of EDANA said.

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