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Euro Wipes, Fibroline collaborate for new products

Oct '20
Pic: Fibroline
Pic: Fibroline
Euro Wipes, leading manufacturer of impregnated fabric products in France, and Fibroline, leader in dry powder impregnation solutions, have entered into a strategic collaboration to develop eco-friendly products such as impregnated wipes and sheet masks for hygiene, cosmetic and healthcare applications. They plan to go even further in terms of naturality.

The partnership combines the expertise in wipes, pads and cosmetics of one company with a unique technological know-how from an engineering company. It aims at developing innovative products that benefit from patented dry impregnation technologies.

Fibroline’s knowledge in dry impregnation offers Euro Wipes the opportunity to formulate even cleaner and more natural products. The new formulae will be harmless should they be used for disinfecting, baby cleaning or cleansing wipes and pads or sheet masks. The technology allows to place actives exactly where expected. In addition, it also allows for applications that are not possible in liquid forms, which promises to Euro Wipes new markets.

“The corporate environmental and social responsibility is a core focus of our strategy,” stated Euro Wipes’ CEO Guillaume Cantelou. “We have been investing for years in responsible innovations. We strive to design, develop and manufacture environmentally sustainable solutions, in order to offer products and services adapted to needs of clients and consumers, and promote ecological and responsible consumption attitude.”

Based on to the use of an alternating electric field, Fibroline developed dry impregnation solutions able to distribute any type of powders into porous structures such as textiles, nonwovens, foams or papers.

“Those patented solutions enable to eliminate the use of solvents or water, facilitating environmental regulation establishments,” says Jérôme Ville, Fibroline’s general manager. “In addition, our R and D centre is a perfect tool for our partners in order to evaluate our solutions and secure their projects, before launching a new product industrially. We strongly invested over the last two years to offer our customers brand new lab and pilot units, for the whole Fibroline technology portfolio.”

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