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Italy's Organyc brand to launch compostable plastic applicator tampon

24 May '23
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Pic: Organyc
Pic: Organyc


  • Corman and Tosama have taken a significant step towards sustainability by developing the first-ever biodegradable and compostable plastic tampon applicator.
  • This innovative product will soon be launched under the Organyc brand.
  • The introduction of a compostable tampon applicator aligns with the growing emphasis of promoting sustainability.
Repairing the world is the new standard of sustainability, and Corman of Milan, Italy and Tosama of Slovenia have met this new standard with the first ever biodegradable and compostable plastic tampon applicator, soon to be launched by the Organyc brand.

Plastic applicator tampons have been a mainstay in period care for decades. But, the waste generated from these applicators stays around for centuries. An average user of tampons for period care generates nearly a kilogramme of plastic waste per year.

Tosama and Corman research and development teams, use the waste products of wheat, corn, and sugar cane, to transform it into a mouldable biomass plastic. This new bioplastic can be injection moulded at high speeds to create a plastic tampon applicator that is not only great for the planet, but great for women too.

“Tosama is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tampons. And while creating 100 per cent certified organic cotton tampons was achieved many years ago, achieving the same level of sustainability with a plastic applicator presented a challenge,” said Mojca Simnic Solinc, director of Tosama. “In business it’s ideal to move fast, but when creating something totally new and so important to the earth, applying patience and partnership is the key. We’re proud of the fact that Tosama and Corman research and development teams are the first to commercialise this important idea.”

Corman’s Organyc brand will be the first to offer the new biodegradable and compostable plastic applicator tampon. The product will be launched globally in the third quarter of this year.

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