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JETCAM launches composite material location software
Mar '17
Courtesy: Jetcam
Courtesy: Jetcam
JETCAM has launched a new software which allows tracking of composite material's location and life. The software, CrossTrack MTL, will help composite manufacturers to recreate their material locations virtually. It is available on a monthly subscription basis. The company is also offering an initial free three-month trial without commitment. 
CrossTrack MTL, the composite material and kit location/life tracking software, was displayed at JEC World, Paris.
"Any company that has ever had to throw out expired material or that is drowning in a sea of paperwork will immediately benefit from CrossTrack MTL. It delivers enterprise-level traceability across the shop floor without any significant cost overhead," Martin Bailey, general manager for JETCAM International, said.
Allocating material to locations such as freezers and autoclaves will alter or stop the life countdown, with every change to a material's status being logged. Traceability reports for individual rolls or tapes, batches of material or kits can be generated in seconds, the company said.
Users are able to quickly get the full history of a roll, tape or kit using the life cycle graph, which pinpoints each change in an item's status. Changes such as clearing material for production, blocking, rejecting, re-lifing, scrapping or relocating are logged, also capturing who performed the change, when and on which computer. Comprehensive user access control ensures that the right staff performs the tasks and also removes the possibility for error.
CrossTrack also includes a shop floor interface, providing a simple, touch-friendly and barcode scanner interface for quickly transferring stock in and out of locations. Transfers can also be scheduled so that the staff knows when to expect particular materials or kits.
The software utilises the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server database platform, allowing customers to either utilise an existing SQL Server installation or download the free SQL Express edition, reducing costs. (SV)

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