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Kordsa introduces new honeycomb sandwich panel technology

Jun '20
Pic: Kordsa
Pic: Kordsa
Kordsa, the global player of tire, construction reinforcement and composites technologies, has announced that its new technology, honeycomb composite sandwich panel, is a promising material to be used in commercial aero plane interior. Kordsa suggests that the main job of today’s engineers is to find the most efficient & sustainable ways in every industry.
In the field of materials science, these efforts translate as lighter yet stronger materials, for instance “Composite Materials”, which are the essential components for the aerospace industry over the last 40 years. 
Currently, usage of composites is increasing with the usage of composite sandwich panels in the commercial aero planes’ interior equipment. The article in the Reinforcer Magazine by Dr Fatih Ertugrul Öz describes what composite sandwich panels are. The article sheds light on the widespread use of composite sandwich panels for the commercial aero planes’ cabin interiors and gives details about Kordsa’s new honeycomb sandwich panel which is a promising material for the aerospace industry.
Kordsa, after founding the Composite Technologies Centre of Excellence in 2016, makes valuable contribution to the composites industry with its innovative technologies, and improves its competencies in the field each passing day. The Centre, being one of the numerous examples of the university-industry cooperation in the world, serves as innovation centre where customised, cost efficient, innovative and unique intermediate products and applications for composites technologies are developed. Kordsa’s honeycomb composite sandwich panel technology is an output of Composites Centre of Excellence. The article of Dr Öz shows also the test results underlining the efficiency of this new technology in terms of cost, time and mechanical strength properties.

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