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Michelman displaying sizing solutions at GoCarbonFibre
Oct '17
Courtesy: GoFibre
Courtesy: GoFibre
Michelman, a global developer and manufacturer of advanced materials including fibre sizing and resin modifiers used in the production of reinforced plastic composites, is displaying a number of new and improved Hydrosize fibre sizing solutions formulated for use with carbon fibre at GoCarbonFibre 2017. The three-day event is being held in Munich, Germany.

The show ends on October 12, 2017.

Michelman’s growing line of Hydrosize solutions including Hydrosize HP-1632, a polyimide solution for high temperature thermoplastics, is being featured at the show. This high-performance sizing can withstand extreme processing temperatures that many thermoplastics such as PEEK, PPS, PEI require. It offers excellent thermal stability, adhesion properties, and abrasion resistance, exhibits low creep, and is ideal for use with carbon fibre.

According to Steve Bassetti, global marketing director for the Industrial Manufacturing Group at Michelman, “While carbon fibre is used primarily in thermoset resins, its use in thermoplastic resins is growing rapidly. Carbon fibre manufacturers realise their existing sizing solutions are not always the best for these types of resins. We help companies implement sizing solutions optimised for their evolving applications.”

Hydrosize Link, Michelman’s unique polyurethane dispersion designed as fibre sizing for reinforced composites for automotive under-the-hood applications, is also being displayed. The new sizing is available in two grades; Hydrosize Link U470 is for use with chopped strand fibre, while Hydrosize Link U480 is suitable for both chopped strand and continuous fibre.

Michelman extends its polyamide dispersion portfolio with the addition of Hydrosize PA874, an innovative polyamide dispersion which is particularly suitable for use with long fibre. It is used to optimise nylon composites and offers reliable performance in applications including electronics and engine parts, where composites are exposed to high temperatures.

Bassetti and Gilles LeMoigne, Michelman’s global marketing manager, Industrial Manufacturing Group, will also do a presentation at the event entitled “Fibre Sizing Fundamentals and Emerging Technologies.” Bassetti and LeMoigne will discuss how sizing technology and development has played an important role in the continuous improvement of composite mechanical properties and how they can be used to improve chemical and hydrolysis resistance. (SV)

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