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New surgical towel drastically reduces operating room lint contamination

10 Jan '13
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Hospitals anxious to reduce the risk of post-operative complications are turning to a new type of surgical towel that reduces the visible and non-visible lint present in an operating room by as much as 99 percent, compared to conventional woven cotton towels.

The EssentiA towel, manufactured by Precision Fabrics Group (PFG) in Greensboro, NC, is made from an innovative nonwoven fabric that does not generate the amount of lint or the loose fibers associated with cotton fabric. EssentiA does, meanwhile, have absorbency and drapability characteristics that are equal or superior to those of cotton.

"Hospitals are focused on reducing healthcare associated infections, or HAIs," explains Barbara Lawless, business director for medical fabrics at PFG. "At the same time, medical researchers and industry associations have established that lint contamination can increase the risk of post-surgical infection. So EssentiA towels are addressing an important issue for healthcare providers."

Lawless says in late 2012, PFG introduced its third generation of low lint surgical towels, known as the EssentiA Universal Surgical Towel. "This is our most advanced fabric yet, in terms of its texture, absorbency speed and efficiency," she says. "It absorbs 20 percent more than a cotton towel, and at a faster rate. In addition, the Universal towel is less than half the weight of the cotton towel, at the same size."

EssentiA towels are available through major U.S. kit suppliers in custom kits, sterile put-up packs, as well as non-sterile for cleaning surgical instruments, Lawless says.

About Precision Fabrics Group Inc.
Precision Fabrics employs approximately 800 people and operates plants in North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. Corporate headquarters are located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their high-performance products play a key role in several diverse markets which demand engineered, finished fabrics. The common thread among these markets is the technical nature of their requirements.

PFG's Nonwoven Fabrics Division specializes in designing creative solutions to specific problems, offering a broad product line and working with customers to develop unique products for their specific needs. Capabilities include chemical application and lamination for a broad range of nonwoven fabrics sourced from a global network of substrate manufacturers. Precision Fabrics is the largest value-added nonwoven roll goods producer in the world.

Precision Fabrics Group Inc

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