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New Zealand's Confitex awarded for leakproof textiles

May '21
Pic: PR Newswire
Pic: PR Newswire
Leading absorbent and leakproof textile technology company Confitex has been selected for the Best Product of the Year and the Best Brand of the Year gongs in the 2021 Plus X Awards – the world's largest innovation awards programme for technology, sports and lifestyle brands. The company has redesigned leakproof absorbent textiles from the inside out.

Previous Plus X winners include Apple, adidas, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Miele, Nike, Nespresso, Nikon and Weber.

Confitex received six out of seven possible seals, being recognised for innovation, high quality, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology in the health and personal care category.

Confitex for Men reusable incontinence underwear and Just'nCase washable period-proof and pee-proof pants for women and reusable nursing pads for breastfeeding mothers are available online in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Confitex founder and design director Frantisek Riha-Scott says the awards are a testament to Confitex's commitment to creating the most innovative and high-performing textile technology in the leakproof absorbent apparel industry.

"Rather than settle for the old-fashioned method of leakproofing with a layer of PU plastic, which remains the industry standard for the vast majority of brands, we have invented and patented the only fully waterproof fabric for reusable innerwear products that doesn't contain PU plastic," he says.

"As well as the obvious environmental advantages, not using PU plastic also provides practical benefits, in that we can mold and heat-seal our designs without distorting the textile, and stitch through the waterproof layer without causing leaks – allowing for a far wider range of design options as well as superior leakproof performance. For our customers, another benefit is that they can launder our products in the washing machine and tumble dryer, whereas the layer of PU plastic in other brands tends to distort when tumble dried, leading to unwanted leakage," Riha-Scott says.

In 2020, Confitex commissioned global safety science laboratory UL to test the performance of its products against other leading reusable absorbent underwear and nursing pad brands on the market at the time. Comparative testing concluded that Confitex products offered a better combination of absorbency and leakproof performance than other brands.

Confitex CEO Christine Arden says she is thrilled that the company's superior technology and world-leading products have received validation from the Plus X Awards, but customer satisfaction remains her best benchmark of success.

"For us the greatest feedback is the daily reviews and emails we receive from customers – the one in three women and one in five men struggling with bladder leakage who feel more confident in our 'normal-looking' fabric leakproof underwear, new mums dealing with oversupply of milk, and women having to address heavy menstruation."

The annual Plus X Awards recognise the most innovative products at the leading edge in terms of the quality, design and sustainability. The winners are selected by a top-class jury of international experts from 25 sectors.

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