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Nolken makes recyclable composite packaging for wet wipes

Dec '19
Pic: Nölken Hygiene
Pic: Nölken Hygiene
Nolken hygiene products takes the next development step with its recyclable composite packaging for wet wipes, thereby ensuring a higher recycling quality. The project underlines the many years of efforts in the realisation of sustainable products and packaging. Nolken is a leading developer of highest quality hygiene products, headquartered in Germany.

For liquid or sensitive goods where hygiene and product protection are essential, plastic is the optimal material for packaging. It is light, stable, compatible, with many ingredients and does not allow moisture to escape in combination. The product development of Nölken relies on these properties, the company said in a press release.

Since 2007, Nölken has been offering its customers a recyclable composite film as a packaging variant. In 2010, the composite film was further optimised through the use of post-industrial recycled material (PIR). Today, 90 percent of the composite films used already consist of recyclable composite films. As a further step, in 2019 a recyclable composite film made of pure-grade material was developed, which has up to now had the highest recycling quality.

At present, however, the recycling rate of plastic waste is only 30 per cent across Europe. The new packaging law, which came into force in Germany since January 2019, now wants to change that. The purpose of this law is to increase the recycling rates for packaging waste and thereby actively contribute to environmental protection and resource conservation.

For this reason, the manufacturer of cosmetic and cleaning products has set itself the goal of using exclusively recyclable composite film packaging for private labels and customer projects by the end of 2020.

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