Bio-Dream by Venturi - a new home textile collection

October 31, 2012 - Italy

An inexhaustible source of ideas, accompanied by a long history marked by love and respect, with the support of a history of craft traditions enriched by the latest technology, have made the Venturi Group candles have departed for a new season with a basket full of novelty.

The company's main line, Andy & Helen, has demonstrated that it has conquered the market thanks to the great attention shown to detail and refined style. As Bio-Dream, latest addition to the group, this has shown a good acceptance by client after several months on the market.

The new line of bedding, pillows and mattresses for babies and young children has succeeded in a tough and edgy as the biological processes, for his technique and style, which reproduce the functionality, design, attention to detail that we used in the organic version of Venturi Group. The star of the new line is the buckwheat shells, an old and valuable material mite repellant breathable, hypoallergenic and naturally dust.

This material is dust extraction and cryo-treated with natural and effective treatments to ensure the comfort and health without the use of potentially toxic to children. This can rediscover the natural body position with the mattresses and pillows.

Ventury Group srl was set up in 1982, through the determination of the owners, Meri Venturi and her husband, Luciano, as a workshop for the production of linens for babies and toddlers.