Scent bubble fashion to alleviate depression

May 25, 2011 - United Kingdom

This visionary overview explores the developing art of sensory perception through the relationship between emotional clothing, aromas, colours and health, bridging the disciplines of nanotechnology, perfumery, fashion and textiles to be pioneers of Scentsory Design ® .

Fashion is about displaying personal identity information. Scentsory Design ® is about creating a personal scent bubble that enhances the visual message of fashion with medical, sensory & psychological wellbeing for the wearer.

We are entering a new age of perfumery. Scent has the power to evoke emotions because not only does the olfactory sense impact directly with the limbic system in the brain (our emotional centre) but recent research from 'The Sense of Smell Institute' in New York, has demonstrated how olfactory substances are capable of increasing an individual's wellbeing through changes in electrical brain activity.

According to the World Health Organisation, in 2020 depression will be the illness of the age, second to heart disease. The aim of Scentsory Design ® is to break down the taboo on mental health and improve quality of life for a wide variety of people.

Scentsory Design ® is an innovative fashion collection of responsive clothing and jewellery/accessories that offers a holistic 'anti-depressive' form of embodiment capability of responding to biological conditions for psychological end benefits.

These designs alleviate mental and physical health problems through the delivery of odorant benefit chemicals in controlled ways responding to personal needs. The designs speak for the wearer through the sense of smell, by reading and interpreting emotions, enabling the wearer to express their feelings through the delivery of colodours (colour and scent) emitted from clothing - without the use of words . . . .