Gurit reopens Auckland composite testing facility

June 11, 2013 - New Zealand

Gurit (Asia Pacific) in Auckland is pleased to announce the re-opening of its composite testing facility, following the company's relocation last year.

The facility comprises a dedicated mechanical testing room, wet laboratory and a sample preparation bay, set up and ready to welcome a full range of testing projects.

Gurit (Asia Pacific) equipment includes a 50 kN Instron universal testing machine, a Vishay strain gauge controller, a linear voltage displacement transducer, and extensometer. The facility also includes a large drop rig for full scale impact testing.

The preparation bay is equipped with a milling machine with diamond tip cutter, which is used to manufacture specimens from customer or Gurit-fabricated panels. 

Gurit’s wet laboratory, with its glass-top vacuum table and prepreg sample oven, is used for process testing, and the production of sample panels.

Testing undertaken at the Auckland-based facility includes, but is not limited to:

- Core Material - tensile and corebond testing, compression, core shear and stiffness testing

- Laminate - tensile, compression, flexure, interlaminar shear testing, bearing, inplane shear and weight fraction analysis

- Sandwich panel - core shear flexure, long beam flexure streingth and stiffness, impact testing

- Resin - tensile flexure, lap shear testing

The testing facility is run by Gurit's Auckland composite engineering team, who can recommend and design a test program to suit an individual project.