Collano to show unique adhesives for labels at Labelexpo

July 12, 2013 - Switzerland

Collano will be presenting innovative specialty adhesives for labels, adhesive tapes and specialty packaging at Labelexpo 2013 (stand U75 in Hall 12). The company will focus on pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesives for reliable label processing, a novel solution for crosslinking UV-curable pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesives, along with specialty adhesives for security applications.

Collano successfully offers adhesives and enhanced bonding concepts for security applications, which not only ensure the required bonding characteristics but also offer additional functionality. Collano’s security solutions provide tamper-evidence or proof of authenticity and can be used for securing documents, protecting brands or tamper-evident sealing of packaging.

Reliable labelling

Self-adhesive film labels coated with rubber-based, pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesives can lose their shape over time and the edges may start to lift from the substrate. Bent labels can be a serious problem during dispensing if the rolls have been in storage for some considerable time.

Collano has developed a rubber-based, pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesive that possesses high initial tack and final adhesion, allows the simple application of the film labels, and ensures reliable adhesion to the bonded surface.

85% energy savings with Collano

Collano will present a novel UV-curing solution for UV-curable pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesives, which was launched in spring 2013. The Swiss adhesives specialist collaborated with UV lamp specialist Heraeus to develop a system that can yield 85% energy savings over conventional UV curing methods.

The service life of Soluva UVC-Hotmelt Modules is exceptionally long at 10,000 hours, and saves on costly maintenance and replacements. The eco-friendly, UV-curable pressure sensitive hotmelt adhesives are solvent-free, adhere to a wide range of substrates and are suitable for self-adhesive coatings, even on heat-sensitive labelstock.

The wide range of Collano’s technologies covers reactive hotmelt adhesives, moisture-curing hotmelt adhesives, UV-curable hotmelt adhesives, thermoplastic adhesive films, heat-reactivated adhesives, water-based adhesives and rubber-based hotmelt adhesives.

Smart bonding. With the objective of making customers successful with intelligent bonding solutions, Collano develops and markets specialty adhesives for innovative applications in construction, composites, label, tape, packaging, graphics, security systems, textiles, and foams. Collano is passionately committed to new bonding technologies that improve quality, productivity, and reliability. Collano employs 83 persons worldwide and generates sales of EUR 41 million.