Americhem makes new fishing tool with UPM & Weyerhaeuser

November 27, 2015 - United States Of America

Americhem, a global solutions’ provider for colour and additives in polymer products, has developed a new fishing tool – The Fish Grip – in collaboration with United Plastic Molders (UPM), a plastic molding company and Weyerhaeuser, a forest products company, according to a press statement released by Americhem.

The Fish Grip is developed for safely removing the hook from the mouth of a fish and to prevent flopping during the process. It has a number of features like a wrist lanyard, a Heartflex jaw design, a weight scale slot, over-centre locking and other valuable features for anglers.

Americhem has developed the colour concentrates used in the cellulose fibre-reinforced composite made by Weyerhaeuser, which in turn is used for molding into a polypropylene fishing tool – lightweight and consistently coloured – by UPM.

Speaking about the new fishing tool, Cam Hoge, production manager for UPM said, “Our partnership with Americhem and Weyerhaeuser enabled us to make a very durable, effective product that is a great value for the fishing enthusiast.”

The product floats in both fresh and salt water, while preserving inner product strength. (MCJ)