Kordsa among top 10 companies in industrial textiles

August 02, 2018 - Turkey

Kordsa has been announced as among the top 10 companies in the world with the number of patents issued in industrial textiles as of 2018. As the worldwide leader of the tire reinforcement technologies market, it carries out production through a vast area from the US to Asia Pacific and supplies its reinforcement technologies to the whole world.

Kordsa is among the global leaders with its number of patents issued in the patent research database in the first half of 2018 following the record number of patent applications in 2017. Kordsa has grown its patent portfolio by approximately 60 per cent in 2017, and has 174 inventions, 717 patent applications and 218 approved patents worldwide as of July 2018. With its number of patents issued in industrial textiles worldwide, Kordsa is now heading towards the top companies with the most patents.

Starting from the day it was founded, Kordsa ascribes great importance to innovation. Having modified its intellectual property strategy as of 2012, Kordsa started to make patent application as a legal protection for its inventions. After the patent applications are finalised and published, Kordsa strengthens its position among top players in technology according patent research results in industrial textiles, Kordsa said in a press release. (RR)