Zhor-Tech unveils smart shoes for sports, healthcare

February 18, 2019 - France

Zhor-Tech, leader in smart shoe technology, has come out with innovations for sports, climate, workplace safety and healthcare. It has introduced electronics and software into shoes, creating wearable technology with benefits. Its easy-to-use Digitsole insoles fit into any running shoe and help professional athletes to weekend warriors improve performance.

For cycling this includes analysing balance, pedaling techniques and angles to detect ergo posture to precisely adjust the saddle, shoe shims, handlebars, and avoid injury and risk. For running, Zhor-Tech analyses stride in 3D, optimises energy expenditure, and boosts performances by measuring pronation/supination, impact force, and propulsion level. The dedicated app also offers personalised exercises and provides complete details on distance and activity completed.

Zhor-Tech smart heating warm series insoles connect through the dedicated app to a smart phone to maintain a desired temperature of comfort from 86 to 113°F thanks to the built-in thermostat that regulates the temperature in the shoes. Perfect for any outdoor adventure, the Zhor-Tech Warm Series insoles are equally suited for winter activities, like hiking, hunting and skiing, as well as for professional activities that require a time outdoors.

With sensors directly in the shoe, Zhor-Tech analyses workplace activity and monitors distance, stairs, calories, motion/static ratio, and run/walk ratio to adapt and optimise movement, increase efficiency, and promote safety in the workplace. 3D foot patterns measure pronation and supination, identifying and correcting bad posture to protect employees from health-related risks. Zhor-Tech detects vibration intensity and exposure time related to lower back pain, sciatica, and micro trauma of the spine. The technology uses biochemical analysis of stride and activity to measure fatigue and cushioning measurement alerts workers when protective shoes are no longer efficient. Painful postures such as crouching and kneeling are also monitored and tracked. Analysing foot stability detects risks of slipping and improves safety in the workplace.

M-Cube, powered by Zhor-Tech, is a non-intrusive, efficient and economical solution that meticulously measures walking patterns, collecting information to identify disease and optimise patient care. M-Cube is a unique technology weighing only 7 grams that can be imbedded in any shoe or insole and able to capture the twelve parameters related to the walking profile, including cadence, speed, impact force, stance and pronation/supination. Coupled with a dedicated mobile app, M-Cube empowers the patient with the opportunity to visualise personal data while providing doctors with the ability to analyse the results through a dedicated online dashboard. Evolution of disease, or effectiveness of treatment, can then be studied in real time, for patient care which is efficient, effective, and economical. (SV)