Invel shifts headquarters from Brazil to Orlando in US

March 12, 2019 - United States Of America

Invel, which manufactures infrared-based apparel and products, is moving its global headquarters from Brazil to Orlando, marking its official footprint in the United States. Company chief executive officer Carla Taba feels it is much better to operate from the United States than from Brazil for easier and smooth operations across the world.

The company has opened a showroom at GuideWell Innovation Centre in Lake Nona Medical City and has a distribution centre nearby. It will continue to manufacture its products in Brazil, where it has two plants. It will start with 10 employees in Orlando and plans to double that within a year, according to an Orlando-based newspaper.

Taba and her husband, Mario Hirata, started Invel more than two decades ago in Brazil, after learning about the health benefits of far infrared rays.

Invel manufactures its own line of far infrared apparel, including active wear and fashion pieces such as scarves and necklaces. The technical term for these products is ‘responsive textile’. The idea is that the heat and energy from the human body is transferred to and absorbed by the ceramic particles and sent back to the body as far infrared rays.

Invel’s first launched the Body Dome in 1999, using far infrared technology for weight loss in aesthetic clinics. The product is available in more than 700 clinics in Brazil, Japan and France.

It then continued researching minerals—called bioceramics—and patented a technology called MIG3, a blend of mineral compounds that could be incorporated into fabric and textile. The company says wearing the products give benefits of infrared light therapy.

Invel introduced its first piece of clothing in 2005 in the form of anti-cellulite shorts. The product was so successful that it propelled the company to create more outerwear, including athletic apparel, scarves, necklaces, dresses, pillows and mattresses. (DS)