Arville heads towards 10% increase in sales amidst Brexit

March 23, 2019 - United Kingdom

Arville recently said that it is heading towards a 10 per cent growth in sales by end of financial year 2018-19 with an already impressive feat of 30 per cent increase in sales revenues achieved over the past 3 years. With the impending Brexit, Arville has come up with detailed plans to address all possible effects of UK’s withdrawal from EU on its business.

As a business, Arville is constantly innovating new solutions, engineering fabrics with specific physical characteristics based on its customers’ particular needs. The company now wants to ensure a smooth transition through Brexit and beyond to retain, and further grow, its international standing, said Arville in a press release.

“Despite there being no clear, official guidance as to the terms of Brexit, we have been making plans over the past 18 months, to attempt to mitigate any potential adverse changes in our trading arrangements,” said Arville’s group head of marketing, Andy Smith. “We have considered tariffs on import of raw materials and export of finished products, potential changes in the availability of labour and increased bureaucratic burdens. We have also thought about the possibility of traffic delays and their impact.”

“In each of these areas, we have developed contingency plans to assist us over the Brexit period.  We will continue to evolve these plans as the final details of Brexit unfold,” added Smith.

Arville’s success so far follows its 2015 rebranding as ‘The Technical Textiles Specialist’ – was built upon its ability to offer a uniquely integrated manufacturing process that allows it to develop end products of high-quality fabric, engineered to have performance characteristics that exactly meet the customer’s requirements and are designed for highly-technical and demanding applications.

As a group of companies, Arville has an active customer base spanning over 50 countries worldwide. It meets the needs of customers across the UK and Europe, as well as the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region – all in highly demanding sectors including defence, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Arville has invested in a suite of new machinery worth over £1.2 million this year, adding to its existing weaving fleet with several new high-speed looms, to enable significant expansion of production at its Wetherby site. Further machines are planned to be added to its factory over the coming months, as well as specialist warping equipment, which will further boost the company’s production capacity. (PC)