Dunmore works with DuPont on wearable electronics

May 01, 2019 - United States Of America

Dunmore has been working with the DuPont Advanced Materials group on a unique wearable electronics project. Using its strong chemistry background and material handling expertise, Dunmore has helped in designing a flexible electronics film material from the lab to the commercial phase. This material can be integrated into various wearable applications.

Dunmore has a strong history of working on custom material solutions.

Active, smart clothing is beginning to see wider adoption for applications ranging from sports apparel to healthcare. Common issues that have held back wider usage include washability and robustness of the integrated sensors. After more than a year of testing and lab work, Dunmore helped DuPont engineer a customised flexible film for these unique applications.

Building on more than 48 years of product development, Dunmore’s custom development team assisted the Intexar project from the proof of concept phase to the commercial phase. Dunmore was able to help bring DuPont’s unique flexible electronic technology to the market at a commercial scale.

“This was an exciting project to work on. The team embraced and solved the technical challenges faced along the way. We had the privilege to work with a talented group of people at DuPont, who are innovating and driving advancements in wearable technology,” said Neil Gillespie, Dunmore VP of Technology. (SV)