Porcher subsidiary BGF awarded in technology innovation

May 13, 2019 - United States Of America

Porcher Industries through its US subsidiary BGF, a global designer of high-performance technical textiles solutions, has received Innovation in Technology Large Business Award from Southern Piedmont Technology Council (SPTC) for showing excellence in technological innovation. The award was given during SPTC’s Innovative Stars Awards Banquet held on April 10.

The award recognised BGF and Porcher Industries for “exemplifying the excellence that results when a legacy of dedication and hard work meet innovation and technological opportunity,” according to a press release by Porcher Industries.

SPTC works to further the economic vitality of the Southern Piedmont region of Virginia by developing and promoting the region’s technology resources. BGF has long been a contributing member of the region, but recently made a new commitment to the area by relocating their corporate and research and development headquarters to the Cyber Park in Danville.

“We are extremely proud and honoured to have been recognised by the SPTC for the technological innovation and advancements we are making in our industry,” said Jerry Barbour, BGF president with Jean Marc Senecot, global head of R&D for Porcher Industries. “Our mission is to be the leading provider of technical textiles materials by delivering excellence in every product, every process, every time. We do that by embracing a philosophy that inspires innovation and pushes boundaries.”

Porcher Industries and its subsidiary BGF offer a wide range of technical textile products delivering high strength, high temperature, lightweight and safety solutions that provide structural integrity, weight gain, thermal, environmental, and ballistic protection, or decorative appeal in products that we use every day in the aerospace, automotive, defense, construction and recreational fields. (PC)