IntegriCo Composites names Brian Gaughan as new EVP

May 29, 2019 - United States Of America

IntegriCo Composites CEO Scott Mack has named Brian Gaughan as the new executive vice president of business development. IntegriCo is a manufacturer of composite products made from recycled plastics. Its patented technology mixes landfill-bound plastics to create composite railroad ties, etc. Gaughan is expected to strengthen the recycling strategy.

With over 28 years in the recycling industry, Gaughan comes to IntegriCo after spending five years with Koch Industries working as the general manager of the Georgia-Pacific plastics division. Through implementing innovative strategies and assembling top talent, there was a 300 per cent profit improvement under his management. Gaughan also executed a new platform that saved Georgia-Pacific over $7 million within 24 months of its launch, according to a press release by IntegriCo.

Before Georgia-Pacific, Gaughan worked seven years at Greenstar North America as the senior vice president of sales and marketing. As a founding partner, he oversaw the development of the start-up before it was sold to Waste Management. In his previous roles also at Waste Management, Enron Pulp and Paper, and Smurfit-Stone Container Company, Gaughan developed extensive knowledge and management experience that will benefit IntegriCo’s strategy to produce at least 1 million rail ties annually by the year 2020.

“IntegriCo is honoured to have Gaughan join the ranks of its leadership. Gaughan is an advocate of innovation and will bring years of experience in raw material procurement, operations, and sales, which will be a great benefit to our overreaching mission at IntegriCo,” said Mack.

“IntegriCo is on the forefront of innovation in sustainable infrastructure, and I am excited to be a part of this groundbreaking company. I will be focused on making IntegriCo the most trusted, dominant and leading manufacturer of composite railroad ties and related products worldwide,” said Gaughan. (PC)