SIS & FiberCore Europe install 4 composite golf bridges

August 20, 2019 - Australia

SIS, an Australia-based company specialising in the development and manufacture of sustainable products, and FiberCore Europe—Netherlands-headquartered company which makes bridges using fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP)—have completed the fabrication, supply and installation of 4 FRP composite golf bridges within the Australian & New Zealand marketplace.

The bridges have been built for The Castle Hill Country Club in Sydney, Australia.

"It is an exciting time for composites in infrastructure with product design life of 100 years," SIS said on its website.

Last month, FiberCore Europe manufactured and supplied an 18 metre clear-span, 5m wide FRP bridge to the municipality of Rotterdam. "This elegant prefabricated single element composite bridge is a wonderful addition to this vibrant city’s open space parklands and replaces an outdated and degrading structure.

"All FiberCore SIS bridges require almost zero maintenance and will last at least 100 years. A smart, sustainable and advantageous choice by the municipality," SIS said. (RKS)