DragynSkyn unveils new compression apparel

September 06, 2019 - United States Of America

DragynSkyn has come up with new compression apparel, designed to perform and function under ballistic body armour. Through a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign, DragynSkyn has released its Extreme Base Apparel to the public for pre-order and investment opportunities. The armour uses a patent-pending, three-layer design which pulls moisture away fast.

DragynSkyn's Extreme Base Apparel is different than traditional "moisture-wicking" compression shirts. While those shirts wick moisture away from the body, the shirt remains damp and uncomfortable. For those who wear ballistic body armour on duty, thick hunting vests, heavy-duty outerwear and even hot athletic gear, this means that the moisture gets trapped between them and their armour, causing bacterial growth, foul odours, and chafing.

In addition to greatly reducing bad odours and discomfort, the DragynSkyn base apparel can also help avoid the accelerated degradation of the body armour caused by bacteria and trapped moisture. For police officers, firefighters, military personnel, and other public servants, this benefit may help lengthen the armour's lifespan, keeping it as effective as possible and saving on premature replacements.

DragynSkyn solves this problem with its patent-pending, three-layer design which pulls moisture away from the body and vaporises it several times faster than traditional compression shirts. At the same time, it keeps odour-causing bacteria from passing through and reaching the body armour or other outer layer due to the microporous laminate layer. This prevents the outer layers from soaking up smelly bacteria or becoming moisture-logged, keeping one comfortable and fresh all day.

Created for the men and women who wear body armour on duty, DragynSkyn is also ideal for athletes who wear padding, hunters, extreme sports enthusiasts, and anyone else who is ready for a better option for compression apparel. (SV)