Nexwear unveils disposable incontinence products

November 07, 2019 - United States Of America has unveiled new disposable incontinence products built with empathy and discretion in mind. Sold exclusively online at, the new line of incontinence wear offers men and women of all stages of life a worry-free solution to incontinence and helps them taking back control of their lives. November is bladder health awareness month.

Sold exclusively online at, the new line of incontinence wear offers men and women of all stages of life a "discretionary journey" to managing their incontinence and taking back control of their lives. Ordering from means customers will enjoy an experience unlike any other incontinence solution on the market: The products are silent while in use, come with eco-friendly and discreet disposable pouches and arrive on customer's doorsteps in plain packaging.

Additionally, allows customers to seamlessly order and restock from anywhere.

"When someone suffers from incontinence, they are already experiencing a loss of control of their bladder," said Nexwear founder Matt Anderson, who has spent his career in the urology industry. "That's why we created a product that eases worry and anxiety. We didn't just thoroughly test our clean-leak protection technology. We also believed it was equally important to create a discreet shopping experience – from purchase to shipment to disposal – that allows our customers to take back control."

To purchase, consumers simply order Nexwear disposable briefs and pads online. The products ship for free to their doors, in plain packaging that takes the hassle or worry out of buying disposable underwear, delivering true peace of mind. The company not only prints its general customer service phone number on all correspondence, but it also includes the personal cell phone number of its director of sales with every sample – allowing customers to breathe easy knowing they'll get a real person on the phone, with zero hassle, when they need help.

"Our superior customer service along with unparalleled technology, performance, absorption, and odour control helps people get back to living their best life," said Anderson. "Nexwear is comfortable, stylish, and, most importantly, silent and comes with sleek eco-friendly disposable pouches and a discreet drawer organiser. No one has to know."

Nexwear gives a seven-day free trial that includes seven pairs of Nexwear, seven disposable pouches, and a discreet drawer organiser. The automatic renewal membership allows for complete customisation on when and where customers receive their reorder.