Biesterfeld gets distribution rights in Norway & Sweden

February 13, 2020 - United States Of America

Biesterfeld has been granted distribution rights in Norway and Sweden for Airex foams and Baltek balsa products from 3A Composites Core Materials. After successfully handling the distribution in Poland, the partnership has now been extended to Biesterfeld’s subsidiaries Lindberg & Lund and ABIC Kemi to include the distribution rights for Norway and Sweden.

Airex foams and Baltek balsa products are high-performing and sustainable core materials made of PET foam and balsa wood. Airex foams used in sandwich structures provide strength, stiffness, thermal insulation, and potential weight savings of up to 50 per cent. Baltek, made from balsa wood, is the only structural core material made of a natural, renewable resource. The lightweight core materials from 3A Composites Core Materials offer properties such as maximum impact and compression resistance, high levels of rigidity, great strength and stiffness at lowest weight, excellent fatigue, and long-term stability, easy formability, sustainability, and excellent fire and insulating properties. These outstanding characteristics make these core materials the ideal choice for use in sandwich constructions within the marine, aerospace, transport, renewable energy sectors as well as the building and construction industry, according to a press release by Biesterfeld.

“Further to our excellent working experience with Biesterfeld in Eastern Europe, we decided to start cooperating with Biesterfeld’s subsidiaries in Norway and Sweden. We have found Lindberg & Lund and ABIC Kemi to be very customer-oriented, technically highly skilled, and well-organised companies. Together with Lindberg & Lund and ABIC Kemi, we are looking forward to providing our core materials to customers in the Nordic region searching for optimum performance combined with the best available environmental footprint,” Alexander Gassert, sales director EMEA non-wind, 3A Composites Core Materials said.

“With this new partnership, we are reinforcing our portfolio with a leading producer of core materials for a growing composites industry. 3A Composites Core Materials is the perfect match for our activity and ticks all boxes when it comes to cultural fit, support, innovation, quality, performance, environment, health, and safety. We are very proud to be in a position to market the high-value products from 3A Composites Core Materials under the Airex and Baltek brands,” Stig Eines, market manager composite and tooling, Biesterfeld said.