MadaLuxe delivers millions of face masks for COVID-19

April 23, 2020 - United States Of America

MadaLuxe, America’s leading distributor of luxury fashion, has delivered millions of face masks to healthcare organisations across the US, with several million more on the way. The group is also donating hundreds of thousands of masks, importing and distributing these much-needed protective items to healthcare groups, states, and municipalities in need.

To date, MadaLuxe has delivered over two million masks to various healthcare groups across the US, including OSF HealthCare, which operates 145 locations, including 14 hospitals; Franciscan Health, a healthcare group with 12 hospitals and many medical practices in the Midwest; and Northwestern Medicine, which has hundreds of locations in and around Chicago. The company is supplying only FDA- approved respirator masks and surgical masks to these and other healthcare organisations, as well as, other municipalities across the country, the company said in a media statement.

In the coming weeks, MadaLuxe will donate hundreds of thousands of additional masks to various groups and organisations in the US. To date, the company has committed to donating masks to UCLA, Mount Sinai, Cedars Sinai, and OSF, among others. Many smaller healthcare and social services organisations have faced extraordinary difficulty getting the masks they need for their own staffs and the people they serve. MadaLuxe is seeking to help any such organisations in need, if it at all possible, and the company encourages these groups to reach out with requests via its website.

MadaLuxe has created a new internal division called MLG Health to focus specifically on supplying millions of units of personal protective equipment to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The new group is leveraging MadaLuxe’s strong global network and advanced planning capabilities to source and distribute FDA-approved masks to the healthcare sector and plans to expand its scope in the future.

“We knew that we could help by pivoting our capabilities and leveraging our global relationships and strong logistics and distribution infrastructure. It’s our responsibility and duty to humanity to do everything we can to help save lives right now. We’re seeing that our efforts are really making a difference and helping the people who are risking their lives on the front lines every day,” Adam Freede, CEO of MadaLuxe said.