Pompea makes face masks with Q-SKIN yarn by Fulgar

May 20, 2020 - Italy

Pompea, an Italian hosiery brand, has chosen to join the fight against the current COVID-19 pandemic by dedicating a tranche of its production to the manufacture of masks with filters for the exclusive use of the community, made entirely in Italy. The company is using Fulgar’s Q-SKIN bacteriostatic yarn, famous for its high performance in the sport world.

The masks are enhanced with HeiQ Eco Dry ecological water repellent technology and can be washed repeatedly. They feature an innovative core created by special bacteriostatic Q-SKIN yarn that makes up the masks’ fabric weave, and is inspired by cutting-edge research carried out by Fulgar, a centre of excellence for Made in Italy textiles and world leader in the production of high-quality man-made yarn, according to a media statement by Fulgar.

Q-SKIN by Fulgar is a Nylon 6.6 fibre with silver ions inserted during spinning, making the yarn bacteriostatic. It works in this way - bacteria have a negative charge while the silver ions in Q-SKIN by Fulgar are positively charged, and this mechanism enables the silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth. The masks made using Q-SKIN yarn by Fulgar can be made even more effective by a synergy with HeiQ Viroblock treatment. HeiQ Viroblock is a unique combination of the most advanced silver and vesicle technology developed to inhibit the growth and persistence of bacteria and viruses. HeiQ silver technology has an antiviral and antibacterial action (both antimicrobial) while the vesicle technology functions as a booster, stripping the viral membrane (the pericapsid) of its lipid content in seconds, thereby destroying the virus.

The masks will be available from the end of May at Pompea’s website, free to consumers making purchases worth €39.90 or more, and later in stores in four colour versions (two masks with four filters).