Xenia Materials unveils Xeglass 17

May 26, 2020 - Italy

After years of working with Peba based products reinforced carbon fibre, Xenia Materials has come out with a new family of compounds Peba reinforced glass fibre - Xeglass 17. The new product meets the requirements of sport, consumer and industrial goods sectors. Xenia produces high-performing thermoplastic composites reinforced by fibre and additives.

Xeglass 17 combines the outstanding aesthetic quality with easy processability feature.

Peba is a flexible polyamide, plasticiser free, with outstanding dynamic features such as ability to damp vibrations and noise, even at high frequencies. This low friction polymeric base is characterised by high creep resistance, low density, excellent flexibility, high energy return and impact strength over a wide temperature range.

The glass fibre reinforcement allows the achievement of mechanical features, much greater than the ones of the pure polymer. The glass fibre emphasises the high chemical resistance and the great impact strength at low temperatures. Xeglass 17 composites have low hygroscopic absorption and dimensional stability. These are colourable and are also available in bio-compatible grades.

By combining the outstanding aesthetic quality and the easy processability, XEGLASS 17 grades meet the requirements of sport, consumer and industrial goods sectors.