Inviza & kiSBN join hands for global brand marketing

July 27, 2020 - United States Of America

Inviza, has strategically partnered with kathy ireland Small Business Network (kiSBN) for global brand marketing. Inviza is a technology company which has developed patent pending self-powered / self-recharging fashion wearable technology seamlessly inlaid into clothing, shoes and accessories, InvizaWEAR, to track health and wellness, and GPS location.

“We are delighted to welcome Robert Andosca, Inviza’s chief executive officer, and his brilliant team to kiSBN. Inviza’s technology is like no other. It does not need an electrical power source to recharge, and therefore can transmit important and vital health data without interruption. Now, more than ever, tracking our health and wellness is crucial for us and our loved ones, and Inviza’s technology makes it convenient and effortless,” says Kathy Ireland, chair, CEO, and chief designer of kathy ireland Worldwide (kiWW) said.

“The partnership fits well within kiWW’s Advocacy for Health and Wellness initiative. Our self-powered, hidden InvizaWEAR products will produce non-disrupted flow of vital health data and predictive analytics since our wearables do not have the electrical power consumption constraints that competitor’s wearable products do. Our InvizaWEAR products scavenge power from body heat, body movement and/or light while designed into clothing, shoes, or jewellery, there is no recharging of batteries needed,” Ireland added.

“Our first InvizaWEAR products will measure footstep count, heartrate, blood oxygen % saturation (%O2) content, body temperature and much more. In addition, two other important health and fitness parameters not currently measured by other wearable trackers will be assessed, yet these will stay confidential for now. The company’s mission is to provide highly accurate health, fitness and location biometric data for the user to evaluate,” Donald Nohavec, Inviza’s chief strategy officer and SVP, product development said.

“On a personal note along with the Inviza team I am eager to help people with their well-being more proactively. Providing the wearer proactive biometric data is much more useful for the person than standard healthcare practice, which is reactive in nature. As an example of predictive wellness analytics, during the current pandemic if both your body temperature increases to greater than 100.5 °F (38.1 °C) and your %O2 drops below 88 per cent, then these together are strong indicators of being infected with the Coronavirus (or other potentially serious illness effecting your lungs). Our smartphone app would then alert you to seek a medical professional’s attention to evaluate your specific health situation before it can get worse,” Monica Restrepo, Inviza’s chief wellness officer said.