Sumitomo builds 5th facility for pp compounds in China

September 21, 2020 - China

Sumitomo Chemical has established a fifth production facility for polypropylene compounds in Wuxi, China. The facility will start operations at the beginning of 2021. Polypropylene compounds are high-performance materials which improve properties like impact resistance and rigidity, and are used in automobile bumpers, interiors, and home appliances.

The Wuxi plant has been established to enhance Sumitomo’s automotive materials business in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. Wuxi Plant is located on the premise of Sumika Electronic Materials (Wuxi) Co, which is under the control of IT-related Chemicals. Along with a production facility already set up in Changdu City, the Wuxi Plant is due to be in operation at the beginning of 2021.

PP compounds are high-performance materials made by kneading PP with elastomer, glass fibres, and inorganic fillers to improve properties like impact resistance and rigidity, for use in automobile bumpers, interiors, and home appliances. China is the world’s largest market for automobiles. Prompted by tightening environmental regulations in recent years and an increasing need for products that can improve safety, there is a growing demand for PP compounds for automobile interiors and exteriors.

Against this backdrop, in October 2016, Sumitomo Chemical established a new production and sales facility in Chengdu. Now, this facility is manufacturing trial products for evaluation by its customers.

Following the facility in Chengdu, Sumitomo Chemical has established the Wuxi Plant as a production facility in the rapidly growing Huazhong region of China. Setting up the Wuxi Plant as its fifth production facility in China, the company aims to further increase its presence through a widespread supply chain for Chinese automobile manufacturers and home appliance makers in the region.