SmartTurf makes athletic turf with Microban technology

February 04, 2021 - United States Of America

SmartTurf, a long-time partner of Microban International, has unveiled athletic turf which uses Microban’s antimicrobial technology. The turf is meant for health and sports clubs, along with athletic arenas. The first athletic artificial turf product with built-in antimicrobial protection addresses heightened concerns around cleanliness and safety.

Smart Turf Athletic Turf is made with a proprietary, high-performance polyethylene which offers resiliency while remaining soft to the touch. The Microban antimicrobial technology is manufactured into the turf blades to provide permanent, built-in protection from the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew on the athletic turf. Microban International is a leader in antimicrobial and odour control and prevention solutions.

"After identifying the lack of a similar product on the market in a time when health and sports club owners are looking for ways to instil public confidence around returning to their facilities, we felt strongly about expanding our partnership with Microban to include a built-in solution for this category," said Duane Jensen, president of Catalina Home, parent company of Smart Turf. "The built-in antimicrobial technology is key in that it never washes off, works 24/7, and is active for the entire life of the athletic turf."

Fitness guru and competitor, Rob Riches, fully endorses Smart Turf Athletic Turf because he is confident that built-in Microban antimicrobial technology in athletic turf is a game changer for the fitness industry. "I'm thrilled to be a Smart Turf Athletic Turf partner. Being able to work out on athletic turf that is soft and comfortable on my feet and that is 99 per cent cleaner than unprotected areas, offers peace of mind."

Smart Turf's Multi-Sport Turf and Xtreme Play Turf with Microban feature antimicrobial protection and odour reduction with a soft feel and high performance for multi-purpose, indoor or outdoor use. Smart Turf products are manufactured in the US at its state-of-the-art factory located in Chatsworth, GA.