Japan’s Teijin making carbon fibre products in Vietnam

July 14, 2021 - Japan

Teijin Carbon Vietnam Co (TCV) has started operating commercially in Ha Nam to make carbon fibre products including prepreg, a fibre sheet pre-impregnated with matrix resin as an intermediate material for composites. TCV initially will produce carbon fibre materials for sports and outdoor activities, including fishing, golf, bicycle and ice hockey goods.

TCV will produce carbon fibre materials for markets in Southeast and South Asia and Asia-Pacific. Sales will be handled by TCV as well as carbo fibre sales affiliates of Teijin operating in these markets.

TCV, Teijin’s carbon fibre business base in Vietnam, was established in May 2019 to manufacture carbon fibre products, aiming to capitalise on the expanding demand for carbon fibre while strengthening Teijin’s global business capabilities.

Teijin’s sales affiliates in Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei work to identify demand opportunities as well as provide customer services in Asia. Internal collaborations between these companies and TCV will strengthen Teijin’s presence in the upstream and downstream sectors of Asia’s fast-growing markets.

Increasingly strict environmental measures and the upgrading of environmental frameworks, such as sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, are expected to stimulate greater use of lightweight and highly rigid carbon fibre. Demands are growing in Asia, especially in the fields of sports and outdoor activities, industry and aerospace. COVID-19, for example, has led to new trends in sports and outdoor activities, such as renewed interest in fishing due to its compatibility with social-distancing protocols.

Teijin, aiming to become a company that supports the society of the future, will continue to transform its involvement with carbon fibre and related businesses under a targeted long-term vision.