German firm Innovatec invests in Weko fluid application system

October 04, 2021 - Germany

Innovatec, world's leading producer and quality leader of melt blown nonwovens, has invested in a Weko fluid application system for the functionalisation of melt blown nonwovens. After several series of tests in the Weko - TechnologyCentre along with further tests in the running production conditions with a loaner, the system has been found persuasive.

“The Weko fluid application system is an economical as well as ecological system, which pushes Innovatec in the position to produce high quality products. By using this system, the amount of additives and their emissions are greatly reduced,” said Jaeger in response to the question “Why Weko?”

Innovatec is one of the most modern and largest manufacturers in melt blown production, with around 110 employees. In addition to a large machine park for the production of melt blown nonwovens, Innovatec also has the most modern spun bond systems at its disposal, which optimally complements the product portfolio.

The consistently high quality of the products can be guaranteed through constant quality control in the in-house laboratory. Thanks to continuous innovation and investment in the latest technologies, Innovatec maintains its role as the world's leading producer of melt blown nonwovens, Weko said in a press release.

"We are pleased to be able to win a renowned and future-oriented customer in the field of nonwovens production with Innovatec and we look forward to a good cooperation", said Christian Heinle, key account manager at Weko.