Ecoriginals launches eco-friendly wipes & diapers in US

October 05, 2021 - Australia

Ecoriginals, Australia’s plastic-neutral diapers and wipes company, has launched its eco-friendly products in the US. Ecoriginals’ diapers are ninety per cent plant-based and up to forty per cent more absorbent than standard disposable diapers. The mix-and-match packs of diapers are now available in ten sizes ranging from new-born to junior training pants.

As an incentive to get families in the US experiencing these amazing green alternative diapers and wipes, Ecoriginals is providing a free trial pack to customers, available on its website. Ecoriginals’ diapers are designed with your baby in mind. It includes plantcell technology. Hence, moisture is trapped away from skin in the innovative central core to avoid touch dry protections. It has dry to touch natural layers that protect from rashes and irritation, breathable fibres.

Other features are innovative design that allows airflow from natural top sheet to natural back sheet, comfort fit, rounded grip tabs, cotton blend waistband and comfort stretch to mould around each baby’s body shape and avoid discomfort, 3D leak guard, uniquely designed sides to prevent side spill, and ultra-soft leg cuffs to fit comfortably around little legs, Ecoriginals said in a statement.

Every layer in Ecoriginals’ diapers is 100 per cent plant-based, meaning everywhere that touches the baby’s skin is made from all natural materials. There are only two small areas around the tabs and leg cuffs that are not yet 100 per cent natural, but the brand is tracking to design these out by 2023, creating the first-ever 100 per cent eco diaper.

Ecoriginals’ wipes are 100 per cent plant-based and completely compostable. The wipes are made from 100 per cent natural, soft bamboo, designed to protect and promote healthy skin, biodegrade in as little as three weeks, manufactured in New Zealand using renewable energy. It does not contain alcohol, chlorine, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, parabens, and nasties, according to Ecoriginals.

In an effort to take its eco-conscious practices to the next level, Ecoriginals diapers arrive wrapped in 100 per cent home compostable packaging. The brand’s craft paper packaging with corn starch lining is a world first, and not only does the packaging decompose, but it is also wonderful worm food for keen home composters.

“Since 2011, Ecoriginals has been a must-have for Australian parents as they do their best to navigate parenthood in an eco-friendly way. We are thrilled to bring the world’s cleanest and greenest diaper to US parents and do our bit to reduce the waste created by disposable diapers and wipes,” Janice Clarke, managing director, Ecoriginals said.