‘Make PPE in America Act’ to ensure supply chain moves: US Meltblown

November 26, 2021 - United States Of America

The ‘Make PPE in America Act’ will require a wide range of federal agencies to purchase American-made personal protective equipment (PPE). The bill also requires federal agencies to issue long-term contracts to US manufacturers. This seismic change is needed to ensure the supply chain physically moves and is to now be controlled within the United States, according to US Meltblown.

US Meltblown is a US manufacturing source for critical filter and barrier material, setting the standard for this vital material used in PPE.

More recently though, US mask producers have been laying off workers and that’s because China has jumped into the face mask business and is exporting low-quality masks to US consumers, US Meltblown said in a press release.

In fact, an estimated 70 per cent of Chinese masks fail to meet proper safety standards and millions of yards of a critical component, melt blow, is also being imported, the company said.

Signing of this bill by the White House will also ensure a steady, ongoing supply of quality PPE from domestic producers throughout the country.

“This is the first step in a long-term strategy that is critically needed to permanently onshore PPE production to ensure our nation is prepared for the next health security crisis,” said National Council of Textile Organisations president and chief executive officer Kim Glas.

“This infrastructure package will help incentivize the reshoring of PPE production by guaranteeing long-term federal contracts and expanding Berry Amendment rules to more federal agencies’ purchases of PPE products, important priorities of the US textile industry,” he added.