Mechanix Wear & LineDrive to accelerate industrial sales in the US

January 10, 2022 - United States Of America

Mechanix Wear has named LineDrive as its national sales agency in the commercial industrial sector. The multi-year partnership with LineDrive will help accelerate hand protection and fire-resistant apparel solutions for distributors across the United States. Mechanix Wear is a leader in automotive, construction, industrial, and tactical hand protection.

LineDrive is the leading national industrial sales agency with a suite of technology-enabled services and solutions designed to achieve the utmost worker safety and facility productivity. The partnership complements Mechanix Wear’s current commercial industrial sales force, allowing for full coverage and accelerated safety solutions in manufacturing, commercial construction, energy, transportation, utilities and foundry applications. LineDrive will focus on growing and developing national and key account distribution partnerships, extending the reach of the coveted and innovative Mechanix Wear brand. This will include further expansion of Mechanix Wear’s fire-resistant apparel solutions following the company’s recent acquisition of Chicago Protective Apparel (CPA), the company said in a press release.

LineDrive will be a key growth engine for the launch of Mechanix Wear’s latest hand protection innovations such as: Mechanix Wear SpeedKnit (dipped knit glove line), Mechanix Wear Latex and Nitrile Disposables offerings, and Mechanix Wear Torch Welding Series offering, in addition to the recently acquired FR Apparel Line by CPA.

“As Mechanix Wear accelerates its commercial strategic plans in the United States and enhances its product portfolio for workers in the industrial, oil and gas, and mining markets, we are pleased to join forces with LineDrive. Working in partnership with LineDrive, we are well-positioned to extend our reach and resources in the channel in a very structured way and fast-track growth into the future,” Michael Hale, CEO of Mechanix Wear said in a statement.

“Adding a brand like Mechanix Wear to our solutions offering to improve workers’ hand protection, FR apparel and future safety innovation is a huge win for LineDrive, Mechanix Wear and ultimately the end customer base. The superior quality and innovation of Mechanix Wear allow our team to make a real difference in those many critical market verticals they specialise in,” Bob Varzino, EVP of sales and marketing at LineDrive said.

“We have a pipeline of continued innovation coming that will extend the Mechanix Wear brand beyond hand protection in the first quarter of 2022,” Paul Harris, Mechanix Wear VP of research and development said.