Portugal's Acatel & FibreTrace make carbon positive knits, fabrics

February 11, 2022 - Singapore

Acatel, Portugal’s advanced vertical finishing mill, has partnered with FibreTrace and Good Earth Cotton to launch a collection of carbon positive and traceable knits and fabrics, made with bio-based finishing processes. FibreTrace is an advanced transparency technology business, combining physical and digital traceability with the power of authentication.

Acatel provides the global fashion industry with sustainable, low impact solutions for garment dyeing, printing and finishing for fabrics and knits. The partnership allows Acatel to become active agents of climate positive change within the supply chain and offer added value to their customers by combining fully traceability and carbon positive fibres with their sustainable finishing approach, FibreTrace said in a statement.

The Acatel, FibreTrace and Good Earth Cotton collection debuts two biodegradable finishing products. Eco-print is the first compostable pigment printing system with Cradle-to-Cradle Platinum level, made from a water-based printing paste and compostable colours. In collaboration with Ecolife Yarns (Belda Llorens), Impetus group, Good Earth Cotton and FibreTrace, Acatel will add Eco-print to its E*Retrace collection. Good Earth Cotton knit uses a bio-based finishing process made of 85 per cent vegetable ingredients, 92 per cent of these being biodegradable and complete with full FibreTrace traceability.

By harnessing the power of FibreTrace technology, Acatel can share the carbon positive story of their cotton products all the way from seed through to fabric, and communicate its unique biodegradable qualities with the end consumer.