US’ LifeLabs launches thermally-efficient line of bedding & sleepwear

March 24, 2022 - United States Of America

LifeLabs, a US-based textile innovator making meaningful progress in combating the effects of climate change through thermally-efficient textiles, has launched bedding and new sleepwear styles to make sleep more comfortable and restorative. LifeLabs utilises its proprietary CoolLife technology to maintain the ideal body temperature throughout the night.

LifeLabs’ CoolLife is the world’s first thermally-transparent, Polyethylene based fabric that releases almost 100 per cent of an individual's body heat, cooling the body temperature by two degrees Centigrade, or nearly four degrees Fahrenheit. Not only will sleeping at a cooler temperature make people feel more comfortable, but they can also reduce their thermostat by two degrees which is estimated to save 400lbs of carbon per household per year. Introducing the concept of new sustainability through its ground-breaking technology to increase energy efficiency among individuals, LifeLabs can decrease global greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution over time. Even two degrees can make a substantial impact against the effects of climate change, the company said in a press release.

LifeLabs is disrupting the bedding industry with high-quality bed sheets that have an instant cool touch value (Qmax) of 0.24 which is 47  per cent cooler than Casper Hyperlite Tencel Sheet. In line with LifeLabs apparel, the sheet sets help reduce energy consumption at home. A cooler bed requires less air conditioning to keep the sleeper comfortable. With a refined design and luxurious satin weave, the bed sheets also feature recycled materials that further support a sustainable lifestyle.

LifeLabs has also expanded its original sleepwear line to include tank tops, shorts and new shirt and pant styles in soft, cooling knit fabrics. With an instant cool touch value (Qmax) of 0.21, the sleep bottoms are 36 per cent cooler than Dagsmejan Nattwell Sleep Tech Pants and the sleep tops are 22 per cent cooler than Dagsmejan Nattcool Sleep Tech T-Shirts. The collection of ten new silhouettes features a kimono-inspired women's sleep shirt with minimal seams for maximum comfort along with a long-sleeved men's sleep top that allows for more cooling coverage. The simple, minimalist designs available in white, cloud grey and black offer versatility and comfort without sacrificing style, according to LifeLabs.

The company aims to deliver functional products with a modern, minimalist aesthetic using less material and reduced energy usage for a more sustainable lifestyle from day through night. Low density polyethylene transfers body heat away from the skin more efficiently than any other performance fabric in the world and LifeLabs patented yarn is 70 per cent cooler to the touch than organic cotton, making it the ideal material to promote restful sleep.

“Our temperature regulating fabrics have the power to prevent common sleep issues like night sweats and insomnia. Sleep can significantly affect human performance and well-being so we wanted to create products that help facilitate optimal sleep with minimal environmental impact. We’re also excited to go beyond the apparel market into home decor, which demonstrates how our technology can easily be incorporated into different aspects of everyday life, while executed with maximum product sustainability,” Scott Mellin, CEO of LifeLabs, said in a statement.