Japan’s Mitsubishi & Toyota join hands to sell ethylene & propylene

April 07, 2022 - Japan

Japan’s Mitsubishi and Toyota Tsusho have joined hands to manufacture ethylene, propylene, and their derivatives using bioethanol as a raw material, with an aim to commence operation in 2025. The companies will evaluate the manufacture of 100 per cent plant-derived ethylene (bioethylene) and its derivatives using bioethanol as a raw material.

There is a growing need for plastic reuse and recycling to achieve the realisation of a sustainable recycling-oriented society. There are also strong expectations for realising a sustainable life cycle by using plant-derived materials. Mitsubishi and Toyota Tsusho are working on the commercialisation of various recycling processes and aim to realise a recycling-oriented society by switching from raw materials derived from fossil fuels to plant-derived materials, the company said in a press release.

In order to make a wide range of products more sustainable, including products which are generally difficult to collect and recycle among packaging/containers and sanitary goods, both companies have decided to examine how to commercialise the manufacture and sale of ethylene, propylene, and their derivatives made from plant-derived raw materials.

The companies will also work for the manufacture and sale of the first plant-derived propylene in Japan (biopropylene) and its derivatives using bioethylene as its raw material.