Emtec to present Tactile Sensation Analyzer at HIGHTEX in Istanbul

May 06, 2022 - Germany

Emtec Electronic will present its Tactile Sensation Analyzer (TSA) from June 14-18 at the HIGHTEX 2022 in Istanbul. Already a standard in the tissue paper industry, the high-tech measuring device is increasingly being used in the textiles and nonwovens industries to test softness, smoothness, stiffness, as well as deformation and recovery.

The TSA will be on display at the HIGHTEX International Technical Textiles and Nonwoven Trade exhibition, which is the first and the only exhibition in its field in Turkey. Visitors are invited to visit Booth 907 in Hall 9 and speak with Emtec representative Cem Dipçin from the partnering company LABTEK for more information or to request a demonstration, the company said in a press release.

Whether it’s a hygienic mask, such as those used to protect against COVID-19, or protective clothing, many types of nonwovens and technical textiles must be comfortable to wear as well as functional. Studies consistently show that the haptics of consumer products, also known as its hand-feel or handle, can have a significant influence on consumer buying behaviour. For this reason, manufacturers of technical textiles and nonwovens are often interested in developing materials that combine a product’s functional qualities without neglecting the aesthetics of touch and comfort. 

Traditional testing equipment for determining the hand-feel of a material tends to be large, bulky, and unsuitable for making quick and reliable measurements. Other methods include human hand panel testing, in which professional testers compare and rank material samples. This process tends to be subjective and time-consuming, however. In contrast, the TSA from the German manufacturer Emtec Electronic provides a handy portable solution for calculating the hand-feel of materials along the parameters softness, smoothness, and stiffness. In addition, the TSA also measures the elasticity, plasticity, and hysteresis of a sample.