Sitip to present fabric developments at Techtextil in Germany

May 27, 2022 - Germany

As sustainability is one of the major topics at Techtextil, Sitip will present its excellence among the production of fabrics as a result of a path towards sustainability reached by the company over the years. Industry experts from all over the world will meet at Techtextil, which is scheduled to begin from June 21-24, 2022 in Germany.

Techtextil offers exhibitors and visitors an insight into the latest developments in the industry, as well as additional technical inspiration.

Participating in a special forum about innovative fabrics organised by the Agency ICE, promoting abroad the Italian companies and their internationalisation, as examples of the latest developments Sitip is bringing to the fair a list of fabrics part of the NATIVE Sustainable Textiles collection, a technology applied to fabrics made with recycled yarns and low-environmental-impact chemicals with reduced consumption of natural resources. The collection includes Native-Strapp Res ACR, Native-Moon PES, Native-Parigi NG, VEL5872+MTP2,3 35+VEL5872COLLA, K040+PE4 30+STRAP NR-COLLA ASX and Shalimar L Santiised Idrofilo Foro Piccolo Redbull, the company said in a press release.

Native-Strapp Res ACR is a recycled brushed tricot warp knit, made with post-consumer yarns, Oeko-Tex certified. It’s a hook-receptive fabric and its main use is for the medical and orthopedic sector. Native-Moon PES is an anti-abrasion recycled tricot warp knit, no-brushed, made with post-consumer yarns, certified Oeko-Tex. The main use is for the footwear sector. Native-Parigi NG is a recycled no-brushed tricot warp knit, made with pre and post-consumer yarns, Oeko-Tex certified. The main use is for the footwear sector.

VEL5872+MTP2,3 35+VEL5872COLLA and K040+PE4 30+STRAP NR-COLLA ASX are a glue laminated warp knit, Oeko-Tex certified, Shalimar L Santiised Idrofilo Foro Piccolo Redbull is a brushed tricot warp knit, printable, antibacterial (Sanitised) and hydrophilic (with the Sitip Technology 2DRY Enduring Freshness - that makes the fabric dry quick, wicking moisture away from the body and leaving it with a sensation of pleasant freshness).

FILTRO S45 MM.03.5 H.153 ANTR is a breathable foam, mainly suitable for the helmets sector.