Thies to present latest machinery range at Techtextil in Germany

May 31, 2022 - Germany

Thies Textilmaschinen will be highlighting its latest range of machines for the processing and treatment of technical textiles at Techtexil 2022, from June 21–24 in Germany, on its stand number E84, Hall 12.0. Thies machines are known for processing a wide variety of yarn, fibres, nonwovens and fabrics suitable for technical textile applications.

Chemical and dyestuff feed systems as well as energy recovery systems are completing the product range of the German Textile machinery manufacturer Thies. The team of technical textiles dyeing specialists will be on hand throughout the exhibition to offer in-depth expertise and guidance, the company said in a press release.

Thies iCone yarn dyeing machines are treating yarns and fibres; guaranteeing an even dye distribution and targeted colour fastness whilst addressing important factors of operating costs and environmental impact. This technology also enables the production of medical cotton as well as sewing threads for all other technical textiles applications including sun screens, tent materials or sunshades.

The Thies HT - Jigger is used for dyeing fabrics, nonwovens or space fabrics in high qualities. Suitable to process textiles at temperatures up to 143ºC, the Jigger is recommended for the treatment of crease sensitive, permeable and non-permeable fabrics; to offer optimum flexibility for finishing of all modern fibres. The Jigger offers stepless tension and material speed control with an economical dye trough. It has been designed to offer uniform dyeing in short liquor ratios. A key application is the automotive sector with, for example, treatment of filter materials and vehicle interiors.

For applications where water consumption is an important consideration, together with other possible energy savings including steam, electricity plus chemicals and dyestuffs, the recently introduced iMaster H20 dyeing machine is already proving successful with, for example, several automotive fabric producers. Significant savings in water consumption are achieved with reduced liquor ratios as low as 1:3,5 or less.

The system features a transport winch inside the kier, allowing cotton, synthetic fibres and their blends, and including articles with a high elastane content, to be processed with significantly reduced elongation; resulting in fabrics with an improved stability whilst offering flexibility in the processing of a wide range of products.

Designed for the universal dyeing of wovens, knits and nonwovens, this third generation of soft-TRD machines sets new standards in the efficient use of materials and resources. The soft-TRD SIII is able to handle crease and surface sensitive articles at fabric speeds of up to 600 m/min. The free material flow and low intensive transport zone, guarantee optimum relaxation and uniform treatment of the entire rope. This new design with its swimming material transport provides the finisher with increased flexibility in the processing of a wide range of fabrics and material weights.