Zhoukou Xuwang starts 2 Andritz crosslapped spunlace lines in China

June 03, 2022 - Austria

Zhoukou Xuwang Company Ltd has announced that it has started up two new Andritz crosslapped neXline spunlace lines at its facilities based in Henan province, China. Combining equipment from the aXcess and eXcelle ranges, both the lines are dedicated to the production of spunlace fabrics of 30 to 120 gsm made out of viscose and polyester fibres.

The Andritz design will allow Zhoukou Xuwang to serve the premium product market, especially for premium hygiene and technical wipes, in China. The Andritz scope of supply for the two lines includes aXcess opening and blending systems, high-performance eXcelle card and crosslapper, robust aXcess CA25 carding machine and efficient jetlace avantage hydroentanglement unit, the company said in a press release.

This configuration will enable Zhoukou Xuwang to manufacture high-quality products while reducing raw materials consumption. These goals are further enabled by the installation of an Andritz Asselin-Thibeau crosslapper PRO35-140, generating a uniform profile over the entire web width.

In spite of the difficult circumstances and supply chain disruptions related to the COVID crisis, both spunlace lines were installed smoothly and on time. They quickly went into commercial production, with a line speed of up to 100 m/min and high-performance MD/CD ratio.

“Thanks to the innovative solutions provided by Andritz, we have built a fully customised spunlace line. This will allow us to satisfy our customers with high-quality spunlace fabric characteristics for top-of-the-range products without compromising on the flexibility or performance of our lines,” Chen Xiangyong, CEO of Zhoukou Xuwang, said.