Germany’s Gessner launches fuel filter for diesel engines

September 23, 2022 - Germany

Germany’s Gessner has launched its three-layer fuel filter media to protect diesel engines of trucks. Modern trucks travel hundreds of kilometres every day and should function reliably. The high-efficient filter element protects the engine properly in extreme environmental conditions. For trucks with high injection pressures, this filter is helpful.

Gessner’s three-layer fuel filter media uses a special material design. The middle layer contains micro-glass, which is a guarantor for achieving highest efficiencies. To avoid glass fibre shedding, the middle layer is sandwiched between a meltblown and a cellulose layer. The meltblown layer helps to improve the DHC and protects the glass-containing middle layer from the top side.

The saturated cellulose layer ensures good pleatability so this Gessner material can be converted on standard lines - like any other meltblown-cellulose-combination. This material design was largely initiated through direct dialogue with customers to address their concerns about health hazards, processability and abrasive behaviour of glass fibres. This sandwich structure prevents glass fibre shedding and protects employees while having the maximum performance for customers, the company said in a press release.