US’ Perigee Direct unveils flame-retardant fabric bond tape

January 19, 2023 - United States Of America

US-based Perigee Direct has announced the launch of the Trivantage fabric bonding tape to its online collection, making it available for customers. The tape is specifically designed to weld together fabric panels to create stitch-free seams and works with a range of heat sealable fabrics. The company manufactures and supplies specialty consumables.

Available in a range of styles including standard, fire-retardant, and black and white, the welding tape Is designed to weld together fabric panels to create strong, stitch-free seams. It works with a range of heat-sealable fabrics such as RF (Radio Frequency) bar, hot wedge, and other hot air welding equipment. The tape has a polyurethane base and has been extensively tested for its strength. The product is offered exclusively through Trivantage and each roll is 100 yards long (300 feet). It can be used with vinyl, polyester, acrylic, and other compatible fabrics. Ideal for use in awning, marine, and industrial fabric projects, the fabric bond welding tape eliminates the need for sewing and using colour-matching thread, the company said in a press release.

Apart from customers in the United States, Perigee Direct regularly ships their product to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and can ship to virtually any address in the world. To ensure that customers receive their order in the shortest time, the company ships out all orders on the same day while charging fair and honest express shipping rates.

“Our goal is to fulfil the needs of our customers in the most efficient way. Whether you need just one cartridge or packet for a small project, or large demand for a major production line, we are ready to get you moving. Our seasoned team of qualified experts will suggest the right formulas and tools to get you moving. When you make a purchase from us you can expect a wholesome customer experience, from honest and fair prices, fast and reliable shipping, flexible payments, to friendly and respectable support from our team,” the company’s founder co-founder, Fred said.