Korea’s Kolon Industries' nonwoven items awarded with EPD certificates

September 25, 2023 - South Korea

Kolon Industries' nonwoven textile products 'Finon' and 'Finon ECO' have been awarded with the 'International EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)' certificates. The Korean chemical and textiles company became the first to obtain overseas EPDs in the global primary backing for carpet and filtration media industry and the Korean nonwovens industry. The company secured public confidence through both certificates from Sweden's 'EPD International AB' and Norway's 'EPD Norge.'

EPD is a system that quantifies and shows the environmental impact of the entire product life process, from raw material to production, distribution, use, and disposal. Demand for EPDs is increasing in Europe and the United States as it helps consumers make ecological choices and environmental regulations are growing intensely, the company said in a press release.      

Kolon Industries' ‘Finon’ is a spunbond nonwoven made of PET (polyester) and is applied in various markets including automotive, flooring, filtration, landscape and construction. 'Finon Eco' is an eco-friendly version of ‘Finon’ that reduced GWP (Global Warming Potential) by decreasing carbon dioxide equivalents by 43 per cent by applying post-consumer recycled polyester from plastic bottles.

Kolon Industries received the domestic EPD certificate for the two products in April last year. As the company has now additionally obtained both domestic and international EPDs, it is expected to gain competitive edge.

"EPD is an important indicator of showing our utmost effort on sustainable enviro-friendly strategy in the market," said Young-baek Choi, head of spunbond business. "We will continue to expand our certificate ranges to meet our customers' requirements on sustainability."

Meanwhile, Kolon Industries produced PET spunbond for the first time in Korea in 1985. Based on its innovative technologies, it currently has the No. 1 share and production scale in the Korean nonwoven market.