UK’s Carrington Textiles to unveil flame-resistant fabrics at NSC 2023

September 26, 2023 - United Kingdom

Carrington Textiles is all set to unveil its innovative flame-resistant blends at the National Safety Council (NSC) Congress 2023 and expo in New Orleans from October 23-25. This will mark the second consecutive appearance at this event, where the company will introduce North America to the groundbreaking flame-resistant (FR) fabric innovations.

One of the most exciting developments is the introduction of a unique blend that incorporates 50 per cent Lenzing FR fibres. This range of products not only offer superior protection and comfort but also aligns with sustainability goals, the company said in a press release.

Lenzing FR is an inherently flame-resistant cellulosic fibre produced sustainably, based on Lenzing's modal fibre production process. These fibres provide excellent protective properties while ensuring wearer comfort through moisture management attributes.

"Manufactured using renewable raw material wood sourced from controlled and certified forests in Austria, the premium, responsible Lenzing FR fibre sets new quality standards in the industry across the globe. With over 45 years of industry experience in FR cellulosic fibre production, Lenzing will ensure Carrington Textiles enjoys the benefits of our fibres that combine performance, comfort, and sustainability benefits in one go. We are proud to be a part of this groundbreaking development and continue to produce unique fibre solutions with protective qualities for industry partners,” Oliver Spocker, director of workwear & protective wear at Lenzing, said.

“Our new inherent collection of FR fabrics also incorporates meta-aramid and para-aramid fibres, enhancing fabric strength and durability. This longevity contributes to the reduction of textile waste, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. These innovative products will be part of Carrington Textiles' Flameban inherent FR fabric family and will be exclusively unveiled at our stand during the NSC event,” the release added.

Launching at A+A in Germany and at NSC in the US simultaneously, the company is also unveiling its new range of multifunctional stretch FR fabrics for a wide range of industries.

Flametougher 290AS Flex and Flameflex 300AS will represent the latest additions to the flame resistant offerings. These fabrics are engineered for comfort and safety, featuring outstanding stretch properties for wearer comfort.

Flametougher 290AS Flex, weighing 8.6oz, is a robust and easy-to-wear flame retardant fabric suitable for workers in high-risk industries such as refineries and electric vehicle manufacturing. It boasts US accreditations, including NFPA 2112, and certifications for chemical splash resistance, electric arc resistance, and antistatic properties. Additionally, in collaboration with Cordura, the company has incorporated 19.5 per cent Cordura nylon 6,6 for certified strength, along with 78 per cent cotton for comfort, 2 per cent EOL for elasticity, and 0.5 per cent negastat for antistatic protection.

Flameflex 300AS combines full certification for flame retardancy with the comfort and durability of a stretch product. Weighing in at 300gsm, this fabric incorporates 2 per cent EOL fibre by Xlance, along with a blend of 83 per cent cotton, 14 per cent polyester and 1 per cent antistatic.