Sweden’s Polygiene launches textile-protection Polygiene ShedGuard

December 01, 2023 - Sweden

Polygiene launched a new innovation project, Polygiene ShedGuard, at the ISPO trade show. Designed to minimise micro-fibre loss and improve resistance to fabric wear during washing, Polygiene ShedGuard extends textiles' expected lifespans, ensuring customers benefit from longer-lasting products.

By facilitating the production of more durable textiles, Polygiene is putting its mindful living philosophy into practice by encouraging the transition from consumables to durables and a more sustainable approach to product design and delivery.

The Polygiene ShedGuard innovation project is in the latter stages of development, with final testing and refinement due to take place in conjunction with selected Polygiene partners during 2024. Polygiene Shedguard consists of a unique blend of polymers that form a film around the fiber bundles. The film prevents microfibrils from separating, splitting, and tearing away from the fabric structure, the company said in a press release.

As per the research, Polygiene Shedguard reduces micro-fibre loss by up to 70 per cent. At the same time, it benefits manufacturers and consumers by reducing wear from fabric abrasion, prevents the release of fibre fragments into the surrounding environment and enhances the performance of other Polygiene technologies, such as Polygiene StayFresh, Polygiene StayFreshBIO and Polygiene OdorCrunch, by locking in their antimicrobial and odour-control properties for even longer.

Polygiene ShedGuard has been recognised as the best product at ISPO Textrends in the Performing Finishes category. This event showcases the latest and most innovative garments, accessories, fabrics, fibres, and components for the sports and outdoor industries. The award is given twice a year and highlights the upcoming trends in the textile and apparel sectors, predicted by industry experts two years in advance. Participants are evaluated by an international panel of judges, and the winners are presented at the ISPO Munich and OutDoor by ISPO Textrends exhibition.