Sweden’s Transforming Textiles launches sustainable tech Sense-Tex

December 27, 2023 - Sweden

Transforming Textiles AB, led by innovator Sara Rosberg, has announced the launch of Sense-Tex, a fabric and yarn technology that harmonises fashion, advanced functionality, and sustainability. This new textile innovation aims to blend style with smart technology and environmental consciousness.

Sense-Tex is distinguished by its innovative 5-fibre yarn-thread composition, which includes two conductors and three natural fibres. When equipped with sensor connectivity, Sense-Tex opens new avenues for tech integration in textiles, the company said in a press release.

Sara Rosberg, the brainchild behind Sense-Tex, describes it as "an expression of sustainable fashion and a glimpse into the future." Sense-Tex encourages users to "make statements with their clothes", offering a forward-thinking fashion approach intertwined with hope.

“Transforming Textiles AB aims for global reach, aiming to construct and open a cutting-edge smart mechanical recycling factory by 2030. The company is committed to making innovations like Sense-Tex widely accessible, ensuring health and safety are not limited by financial means,” the release added.