US’ K&R Solutions Group launches dye sublimation fabric Bio Knit

January 15, 2024 - United States Of America

After two years of testing, K&R Solutions Group has launched Bio Knit, their latest dye sublimation fabric.

The biodegradable tension fabric is in stock and will be used for printed airport advertising throughout the US and Caribbean in 2024. Polyester is the industry standard for dye sublimation and SEG because it can withstand the rigours of manufacturing, shipping, and installation. However, polyester fibres can persist in the natural environment for hundreds of years.

Bio Knit, by contrast, will biodegrade in a natural environment at the same rate as a non-synthetic fibre such as wool. Thanks to advancements in textile technology, the fabric maintains the durability of polyester, the company said in a press release.

"Recycled content has a lot of baggage. Materials in the recycling stream are transported multiple times and heavily processed to become usable again," said Audrey Peebles, director of Project Management. "K&R is approaching environmental impact from another angle. How can we work with nature and still manufacture products that perform in the real world? Biodegradable technology is our answer."

Bio Knit is designed to work with natural processes once its useful life is complete, breaking down 15 times faster than polyester. The price point is uniquely competitive. "Bio Knit pricing aligns with our other dye sublimation materials. There is no cost premium for the sustainability benefit," said Rhett Sears, COO.